What is WestConnex?

WestConnex is a $14.9 billion ($11.5 billion in $2012) toll road that will extend from the M4 in Sydney’s west, through the inner west, and past the airport and onto the M5. Most of WestConnex will be an underground road tunnel.

The NSW Coalition and federal Labor governments announced WestConnex in 2012. Despite having no public mandate to build the road,  it has since then has begun preparatory work on all three stages as well as several extensions.

WestConnex will require the compulsory acquisition of hundreds of homes, destroy much of Sydney’s natural environment, and pour more congestion and more pollution into our community.

The government plans to fund WestConnex with $1.8 billion of state funding, $1.5 billion of federal funding, and the rest to be raised through tolls once the motorway is open.

West Connex Map

Watch EcoTransit’s YouTube series on WestConnex and its alternatives, “Greiner’s Folly”. Part one below:

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